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Lunar3D was established in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, inspired by our personal desire to aid the struggling supply chain manufacturing and distributing medical PPE, we purchased a large format 3D printer, a sewing machine, and all of the materials that were available at the time, and began rapidly manufacturing face shields and masks.

Lunar3D fabricated over 200 3D printed face shields and hand sewn cloth masks between March and June of 2020, donated to nursing homes and hospitals in and around New York City.

During the pandemic, we discovered our passion for 3D printing, and the endless possibilities it brought right into our own workshop, and our goal is to bring that same passion into the mainstream by offering easy to use printers, upgrade parts, kits, accessories, world class printer and firmware support, and everything else under the Moon!


CR-10 V3 print head

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Meet The Team

Nicole Slaugher | Co-founder

Nicole Slaughter

Nicole has always had an artistic flare and an eye for style. As the Director of Art and the primary modeler for Lunar3D, Nicole brings our ideas to life one extrusion at a time. Nicole loves the outdoors and the natural geometry of the world. 

Will Slaughter | Founder

Will Slaughter

A veteran 3D printer, Will began his journey with a RepRap Prusa i3 clone kit assembled in 2016 in his living room in Atlanta, Georgia. Will loves to experiment with bleeding edge hardware and software, and also has a love for animals and the outdoors.